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Family Fund Donors Making a Difference!
An 18 year old senior at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical School, with a tumultuous family life Allison* works hard. She maintains an A average and is on the honor roll. Financially, she had to work hard at her job too, but it made it impossible to get to the library where she used their computers so she could complete her senior portfolio and graduate on time. Her hard work and efforts were being thwarted and the stress was enormous. She was in danger of not graduating. The solution was obvious, a laptop, but Allison simply had no money for such a purchase.

That's where the Family Fund came in. The Women's Center purchased Allison a laptop and case. She was able to complete her required ten technical writing essays finish her vocabulary homework on time, continue her internship and her job.

Allison* was recently admitted to Bristol Community College where she plans to major in Deaf Studies. We think Allison is on the road to success and our donors played a part! Thank you.

*Not her real name

Other Community Partners
Dartmouth House of Correction officers visited TWC to learn more about our programs and services. TWC provides individual counseling and group support for incarcerated women and welcomes parolees into our Specialized Shelter.



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